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My remote has puke in it. um Ewww.

If you’ve read my ABOUT ME page, then you know I have four kids.  My eldest will be seven in July, my youngest is 10 months old and my middle two are five and three. We’ve been battling this awful stomach virus this week.  It started with my youngest on Monday night.  He vomited for three days straight.  It’s gross.  I hate throw up.  My two girls (7,5) were supposed to go with my husband this weekend to the Catskills of NY for camping, fishing and fun.  They’ve been looking forward to it for a month.  This morning?  My five year old wakes up at four AM vomiting with slight fever.  Joyous.  So, my husband said he would take our son instead, OK cool beans  (he’sThree).

At  8:30a, our son starts vomiting.  YAY how luck am I!  We all had the rotavirus in March, it was dreadful.  I’m panicking now, because Oh great, here we go again!  But thankfully, it hasn’t hit ME completely yet, because you all know, mom’s aren’t ALLOWED to get sick.  No sir.  Anyways, So James (that’s the ball and chain) took the one non-sick child to New York.  Leaving me with the pukey ones.  Isn’t that so nice of him?  I hope he has a good time.  A soon as my youngest is weaned, I am sooooo outta here for an overnight somewhere by myself with a warm pool, hot tub bath, and a massage person.  Along with a king size bed, room service and NO PHONE.  Where I will sleep like the dead, and wake up blissfully refreshed after seven years of sleep deprivation.  Well, better make my stay at least a few days, so I can re-coup some of those much needed ZZZZ’s.

Other news in case you are interested:

My Aunt got married this past weekend.  It was fun.  We had to take the baby, not as fun.  Have you tried dancing while holding a baby? It’s not easy.  Plus, I wore my Dansko Mary Jane shoes.  They look awesome.  But they have non-skid soles, so um, dancing was tough.  I kept stopping instead of twirling.  I have pictures though.

See the shoes? Red, sparkly shoes?  Yup, they are made for professional nurses, so they rock the comfort, but I felt like a basketball player with the sounds I was making.

Pay no attention to the weird angles of this photo.  My face looks like I’m still nine months pregnant.  Look at the cute baby!  Babies are cute!  This was us slow dancing 🙂  Awwww

  The little one who would not be left behind.  Not for nothing.  He’s lucky he’s cute and only small for a short time.  Otherwise. See ya later hotstuff!

There you have it. The reasons for my absence lately.  I have still been reading books.  I should just make a list of the books I’ve read the last two weeks.  I didn’t review a lot of them.  Just read them, some were re-reads.  Ok anyways. I have to go clean the couch now.  I think I might just get a new one instead.  Take that James.

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