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She went there, she did.

I am an admittedly emotional reviewer, and this book really pissed me off.  I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, and I have no ill will towards the author, Ms. Neill.  I mostly enjoy these novels, but I cannot get behind cliffhangers.  I know that if you read this review Ms. Neill, that you will take this personally, because you are human, and you are the creator of this universe in Merit Land, but I ask you to put aside your personal feelings, and know that I don’t know you personally.  I’m sure you are the nicest human being ever, and maybe you help old people cross the street, pick up garbage on the side of the roads when your not writing, and donate all your money to charity.  Still?  This book pissed me off.  I’m sorry.  It’s not you.  It’s me.

Really? You went there? Seriously? Have you been talking with Karen Moning? Didn’t you read any reviews, blogs or pissy conversations about how fans truly HATE cliffhangers and this type of plot device? Or maybe you have been talking with Kim Harrison? She did a similar thing with Kistan. You ask us to trust you, why should we? Because you have a grand plan?

I lose faith in authors who do this, and I hope that it is not just for Shock value that you went there.

Now then, I have some ideas on where I think you might be going, and what you did, and with whom. I’m interested to see if my brain is heading in the right direction, but really feel like I should tell you that I didn’t need this type of ending to make me want to read your next novel. I was already invested in Merit, Ethan and the gang.

Oh, and Death to the GP!!! Bunch of wankers.

I debated ranting and raving like a book reading lunatic, but I just can’t summon the energy.  I seem to be zapped and tapped.

I really hate cliffhangers. Have I mentioned that?

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