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Hunting Human, by Amanda E. Alvarez

Release date: March 28th, 2011

What a great Debut Novel! Very promising shifter series. It had a few FBOS (First book of series) issues, but they were minor.

We start out in the past by a few years.

Our heroine Elizabeth, has a spine built of steel. While on a vacation with her best friend Rachel in Europe, they find themselves kidnapped and at the mercy of monsters. Literally. Men who turn into wolves, and force them to run for their lives through the woods while they hunt human instead of deer.

Flash forward to present day.

Our hero Braden is strong and sexy, and a more beta than alpha Werewolf. While visiting his friends mom at her coffee shop, he is immediately drawn to the new employee, and he and Beth begin dating.

They both have secrets. Secrets they should have shared, but didn’t and boy do they come and taser the shit out of them both.

I loved all the characters, and the way they were all written and interacted with each other. I didn’t find any shallowly written characters, which was refreshing.

I thought the villain(s) were terrific monsters, and uber creeptastic.

The climax was done well; aside from one TSTL moment, on the part of Braden. I understand why this particular too stupid to live (TSTL) moment occurred, but Braden was written smarter than this, and it felt like perhaps it could have been written differently. However the story was still good.

I hope Amanda Alvaraz continues on with this world she created, and with this group of wolves in particular. I would love to see Chase, Lucy, Caleb, and even Mike, get HEA’s (Happily Ever afters)

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