Teenage Angsty Poetry Pages

I must have been fifteen or sixteen when I wrote this.  Please be gentle, I know my poetry was not a literary masterpiece!


Watching from the distance I can see her every move,

somehow never knowing

which path it is she should choose.

There’s torment around every corner,

and rocks beneath her feet.

There’s hate lurking in people’s minds,

which evil is her feat?

There are choices she must make

from the depth beneath her heart.

But she can’t, for her broken soul

won’t show here where to start.

There are scars she keeps as souvenirs,

in glass cases shattered on the shelf

As she looks at them through teary eyes,

alone and by herself.

Silently she walks the halls,

with betrayal on every thrust

smiling despite her brutal mind,

from the lack of honesty and trust.

There’s a brocade of steel covering her weakened existence

strengthening her to carry on

As a mother deer, who carefully pushes her un-strong fawn

Belittled in her mind

from the ones she called her friends

now her endless battle

will never come to an end.

She’s running through the fields

and walking in the rain,

trying to sort out

all the mishaps that caused her pain.

Slowly dying

fading in the shadows from a heart she cannot bide

to sit and ponder life’s indemnities

to cast away her fears and fly.

Written by myself, back 15 years ago or so.  The work is mine, and mine alone.


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