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The Hunger Games Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games Trilogy 1

 #1  4 Stars

I thought this book was well written, the characters were engrossing, the Hunger Games were nightmarish, and overall I enjoyed the book. Having never read some of the books that others say this book has features from, none of that bothers me, because well, I’m sure Suzanne put her own spin and ideas and humor into her story. Every story get’s a spark from somewhere right? 😛

I would recommend this series to others.
I will read the next book

The Hunger Games 2

#2  4 Stars

This was a fast, heart pounding read.

A little bit predictable with the games aspect and the participants, but the twists were good 🙂

The love triangle is good. I like both guys and honestly can’t choose one. Tho, I feel Gale is her heart. Peeta is so honorable and good.

I liked all the new characters, even the ‘bad’ ones 🙂

The revolution has begun. Can’t wait to read the next book.

The Hunger Games 3


I’m waffling on a rating. For now 3.5/5 stars because I’m mad. But that could change tomorrow! LOL
well… dam. I’m feeling a bit, I don’t know? disheveled? Distraught? Discomfuckingbobulated? I’m mad, I know that much. I do have to give kudos to Collins though. She didn’t pull any punches. If you were hoping for delicious Coffee light and sweet, all your gonna get is dark, black and bitter. I saw the climax coming with Coin, but there were more than a few surprises. The deaths. At one point in the books, when they are being chased by white half human half reptile mutts, and a character who just had a HEA get’s killed, I almost, almost stopped reading. And OMG I cried (I think around page 350) when she realized who was tending to the children when the parachutes were coming. God that death was awful. I didn’t find it necessary myself, but I get what Collins was setting up. I also found myself pissed at Katniss. I tried not to be, but the way she was treating both Gale and Peeta? If I were them, I would have left her to her own devices. And Gale. Don’t get me started on you. Seriously. THAT is how it ends? Bleh. I expected better from you Gale. It was such a depressing story. Even the ending wasn’t that great on the happy meter. But how could it? Both scarred, mentally deficient,Broken and forever changed. How could they ever have a normal, loving, happy life?
Congrats Suzanne Collins, on a thought-provoking read. It was Bloody. It was disgusting. It was brilliantly done.

One thing I did have an issue writing wise was the first person present tense. It was odd reading it. Felt wrong somehow.


OK after sleeping on it, apparently my sub-conscience agreed with me on the ending.


I cannot understand the ending. EVERYONE left her alone for MONTHS??? <Shriek!> Why!! My God hadn’t she been through enough? Gale you were her best friend, yet you didn’t make sure she was OK? Didn’t help her through her loss of Prim? I think I hated you at that moment.

Peeta. I get you. Why you couldn’t go with her, see to her, help her. Still, I was heartbroken.

And Her Mother? WTF. I get her pain. You lost a daughter. But you want to lose both?

I think we deserved a bit more closure. With Gale. With her Mother. Do they talk? Have they talked? Does Gale and Katniss see each other ever? Did Gale finish his almost evil transformation? What is the world like? Did anything change?

a page and a half epilogue did not suffice. yay. They wrote a book, and had 2 or three kids in 20 years. So what happened to everyone else?

Not enough of an ending for me

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