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Fire, by Kristin Cashore

The Seven Kingdoms #2

4/5 Stars

I really, really enjoy Cashore’s writing style. I love how she describes places and things and people, I love how she let’s you use your imagination to paint the details. I think that is important when writing.
I enjoyed Fire. I was engrossed from the very beginning. It was interesting to see the beginning of Leck/Immiker, even as a small child he was rotten to the core.
I was sort of bugged at the initial casualness of a sexual relationship at fifteen years old, and while I don’t condone it, I understand the why of it in this book. I really liked and hated Archer, I loved him and hated his gigolo self. It seemed he tried to drown his sadness in sex and it really pissed me off. I very much liked Brigain and Nash {tho of course, not at first when he {Brigain} was cold and mean}. I actually enjoyed just about every character in the book right down to the bad ones like Mydrogg and his sister. I didn’t ‘like’ them, but I liked Cashore’s writing of them.
I enjoyed the varying plot twists.

I can’t wait for Cashore’s next book.


Graceling, by Kristin Cashore

The Seven Kingdoms #1

I will try not to give spoilers, really about 3.5 to 3.75 stars
Spoiler at the end only

I both liked this book and didn’t like this book. The writing was promising. Kristin Cashore’s style was graceful, fluid, without excess descriptions, and I associated with most of the characters.

I enjoyed the world that she created. I very much liked the concept of Gracelings, the seven kingdoms, the Villain, the Gracelings eye colors and skills.

The pace of the story was pretty good, I felt the climax was all the sudden just *there* and then *BAM* gone and then your off again running towards the next phase of the story. It felt rushed and I wish there had been more time for explanations, it was very hurried.

I had a hard time with her views on kids and marriage. Now I understand that she is young, although we do not know her exact age, I suspect she is in her late teens based on other age descriptions for Raffin and Giddon, and yes when I was a teenager I couldn’t fathom having a husband and children. SO while I understand that, I didn’t appreciate how Po and Katsa enter into a sexual relationship with seemingly NO other physical touching/love between them. While Katsa does realize that she loves Po, and Po loves her, they seem to miss the whole ‘dating’ concept of a relationship where there is kissing, hand holding, other soft touches and just hop in the sack together. Then, after they decide to be sexual, she takes seabane. Now while not ideal, It is hard for me to judge because we do not know what year/century/modern knowledge there is for birth control in this book. Perhaps that is the only thing available in her time. I do not know.

I will encourage people to read this book, even if you do not agree with the sexual message, it could open up communication between you and your teens reading this book.

I did not like how it ended. Period. I really wanted Po and Katsa to remain together, even if they did not get married right away. I was actually pretty mad that Po just let her walk away and that Katsa felt the need to train an army rather than stay with the person she supposedly loves.

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