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Total Eclipse, by Rachel Caine

Weather Warden #9

Weather Warden Novel #9, final book in the series.  Could be Minor Spoilers.

3.75/5 Stars, but I’m rounding up, as this book was better than the last few.

We start Total Eclipse aboard the ship leaving the black corner where Jo and David lost their powers. The Dijin are sick and dying, Lewis is sick, and The world is bleak.

Total Eclipse is non-stop action. Like all other Weather Warden novels. The action grips you and forces you to turn the pages as fast as you can. The storyline is much the same as the other books, Jo running into the fray, Lewis Manipulating her into being a Kamikaze Warden, withholding David’s bottle and leaving Jo to fend for herself again

All through this series I have liked Lewis. Wanted Jo to be with Lewis. but the last two books, put Lewis in a different light, and I think he says it best at the end of Total Eclipse. “I wanted to tell you that the best man won. I would have loved her. But you adore her. You make her better, you protect her, and honor her, and that makes me glad, David. Jealous as hell, but glad.” To Jo he says “You were the only women who ever really touched me, but I wouldn’t have been good for you. And now we can leave all that behind.”

I’m glad the series is over. I’m not sure I liked the ending, but it is what it is. The epilogue was nice, a glimpse 8 years into the future after Mother Earth woke up and reeked havoc. But it left me wondering where on earth David was? It seemed he had been gone a while.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the book. I waited to read it, because of Cape storm. I really was so pissed at that book.

Jo seemed more steady in this last installment. Like she grew up and recognized what was happening, and stepped up to the plate. I didn’t always agree with her choices, but she did what she felt she had to do.

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