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The Fever Series, by Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane #1

Darkfever, book #1

3.5/5 Stars

This is the first of a five book series. In this installment we learn about Mackayla (Mac) Lane. A pretty, young, socialite who tends bar and has very little responsibility. Her older sister is murdered while in College in Dublin, and when the case goes unsolved, Mac vows to find the truth and makes her way to Dublin. There she meets Barrons, owner of a bookstore and as enigmatic and secretive as he can be. Mac learns she is really a Sidhe Seer, and her dark journey begins.

The characters take time to develop and change. Mac starts young and unaware. She is clueless. Towards the end she is growing up a bit. In the next installment she grows more etc. etc. The series itself is a romance series, but each book is not considered a romance. There is darkness in the series, and there is light. The world is intriguing. The characters are memorable. The plot is twisty and winding. I like that I haven’t figured out who is good, who is bad, and what will happen. I think Karen really delivers. It took me a bit to get used to the First person POV, but I think Karen does it well


MacKayla Lane #2

Bloodfever #2, 4/5 Stars

Second book of a Five book Series continues Mac’s journey to finding her sisters murderer, and learning about who and what she is. Barrons is as enigmatic as ever, and rarely does Mac get any answers from him about… well… anything. Having shed her Pretty in Pink persona, Mac 2.0 begins her dark trek into Dublin’s night life and her quest to find the Sinsar Dubh. Sexual tension sizzles between Mac and Barrons. Only time will tell what will happen between them







The Fever Series book 3

FaeFever, book 3  4/5 Stars


Third book of a Five Book Series, this was my least favorite. We learn very little. There seemed to be very little Barron’s/Mac interaction in this book, and what interaction there was, was laced with violence. While I root for Mac and Barron’s to have a HEA (Happy ever after) I could not help but be angry at Barron’s treatment of Mac in this book.
Mac is learning that she must not put all her eggs into a Barrons and V’lane basket. She solicits the help of Inspector Jayne after opening his eyes to what is really going on in Dublin.

I want to give this book 5 stars. I do. The writing is fantastic, the author is fantastic, the foreshadowing is bloody brilliant. The characters are awesome. So why you ask do I give this book only 4 stars? I wish I could tell you. It felt incomplete. Which it was. We are left on a huge cliff, and I really hate when authors do that. Patience is not one of my reading virtues and waiting to see if a heroine or hero is OK is not a good way to end a book. It’s downright mean <lol>
especially when the crazy book fan usually has to wait a year for the next installment of a series. It’s torture.

I really enjoyed Mac’s growth in this book and I can’t wait for the next book when she really comes into her own and is a formidable force.

Once again we are left with more questions than answers when it comes to the fever world, but I hope in DreamFever we will be rewarded for our patience with lots of answers and finally some Mac and Barrons ‘action’



MacKayla Lane #4

Dreamfever, book 4  5/5 Stars


Fourth of Five book Series
Well. It was a great read. From start to finish I was on an emotional high. I thought Mac really evolved in this book into a woman, into a formidable force. She was strong, capable and determined. (Once removed from Pri-ya of course)

The book took us immediately into action and never really let up. Hammering info at us every turn, and action on every page. Karen delivers as usual. Her foreshadowing skills are second to none in my opinion.

She {Karen} is a queen at evasion of pertinent and vital info, but seems to give you just enough to make you not want to scream your frustrations to the heavens.

The story twists and turns, and the ending is far from what I ever expected and was far from where I ever expected Mac to be. It felt like it came out of left field.

Once again we are left with an impossible amount of questions, no real hard answers to questions we long to know, and are literally on a cliff until ShadowFever is written, printed and delivered.

Have I mentioned I hate cliff hanger endings? I really don’t see a point. I am going to read the next book no matter what… Why not end on a somewhat good note

Book 5, The Fever Series

The Fever Series book 5, Final Book

Shadowfever, The final book  due out January 18th, 2011.  I cannot WAIT!!

15 hours of reading, stopping only to take care of the bare essentials for my 4 kids… Does that make me a bad mom, or Karen an awesome author? Well, for me, it was satisfying to read ShadowFever. My head hurts from all the twists and turns and suspense and wonderment. I finished last night around 11pm, then hit the sack.

Master of Red’s Ms. Karen Marie Moning, this one’s for you!

I’m completely amazed at the brilliance of foreshadowing and red-herring’s that Karen writes.

Without spoiling anything, it was nice to see that my speculations back in 2008 were mostly right and boy I Bet VP is pissed!!

I will probably post some spoilers in a few days. I have to get it out!







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