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Queen of Song and Souls, by C.L Wilson

C.L Wilson

Tairen Soul Series book 4

Rain and Ellysetta continue on their journey towards completing their mating bond, gaining alliances, and defending the Fey,Tairen,and Humans as well.
Tempers Fly high as the Bond Madness begins, and Ellysetta is plagued by horrid nightmares and possible futures. Elly still cannot trust herself.

Meeting with the King of the Elves was interesting to say the least. I was happy to learn that now Elly and company know who her parents are, and that they are still ‘alive’ as POW.

I wish to know the fate of Kieran and Kiel. I love those two warriors and I suspect that Lillis and Kieran may be destined to be True-Mated-.
I was so very, very heartbroken over Adrial and Talisia.

When Lillis finds her way through the mists and meets again with her family I was drop jawed and am still confused as to what is going on… How did it happen? What does it mean?

I wish the book was longer, so I could find out more, I guess only time will tell.

When is the last book due out? Soon I hope. I need closure. I feel so incomplete and unsettled.

Hokey covers aside, this is one of the most beautifully fantasy series written.

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