Mob Rules, by Cameron Haley

3 stars.  Originally read last September 2010.

Mob Rules was decent but it did lose my interest in places and it was hard for me to get into it at first. I do wonder if maybe it was just the timing, and not so much the book itself.  I might try and re-read just to see.
I enjoyed the main character appreciate books that have magic out in the open.  It was also interesting that Domino was already adept at Magic.  A lot of books the protag is just learning that they have superpowers or what have you, so that was cool.
One of the issues I had was that there weren’t a lot of secondary characters to help hold the story up. I didn’t really feel anything for Honey, and we didn’t get to know any of the other gangsters well enough to really feel invested

Half way through the book, I was tired of how some of the magic was being played out. Too much, too often and I got bored.
I’m viewing Mob Rules as a starter book for the series.  I might give the second one a try.


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