The Demon Trappers Daughter, by Jana Oliver

by Jana Oliver

Jana Oliver

I never posted my review here.  The horror!  I’m so ashamed.  Really though, we just moved our entire family to a new town, completely demolished and renovated a new home and are finally, almost, settled.  It’s a work in progress, which means that we are living amongst chaos, with 4 children under the age of seven, and did I mention how much sleep deprivation I am under?  Well, it’s a lot.  If my sentences start sounding rambling and pointless, it’s probably because I am running on 2 hours straight sleep, and some caffeine.

Anywho, onto the review.  I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this novel in December and that was when I read and reviewed it.  My original review can be found on Goodreads, and I did enjoy it. Though admittedly I am not the largest fan of Young Adult Fiction.

3.5 / 5 stars.

I’m gonna review with a Pro/Con List.
I will read the next one in the series. I did enjoy it.

Pro’s first 🙂

1) Interesting Concept with fresh ideas. Demons! No sparkly Vamps!
2) Easy to read Voice/writing style
3) Pretty Decent characterization overall, they had depth, stayed true to self, and there were some touching moments.
4) Decent World Building
5) I liked the demons. I liked the Demon world building, descriptions and hierarchy

Cons: Not really cons about the book itself, just little things that irked me as a reader. I applaud Ms Oliver’s writing!

1) I’m confused on why there are demons roaming the earth to start with.
2) If gas is so expensive how can Riley have a car when she can’t pay her rent, and also how can she afford to buy her supplies? Holy water is 12.00 a pint or something like that…it was hypocritical to the storyline
3) The way she treats Beck really grated on my nerves, and I wanted to slap her upside her head loads of times.
4) Speaking of Beck, his dialogue drove me INSANE. I get he’s a good ol country boy, but saying Ya instead of you, and Yer instead of your. Seriously? It broke my concentration when reading. It was distracting. It made him seem stupid. Maybe that was the point? Wasn’t that what the witch was hinting at anyways?
5) If Master Asshat is such an asshat, why do the others let him rule? You out number him, impeach! impeach! He abuses his apprentices, is a raging alcoholic, and is a major fucking asshole. Why do they let that stand? And if they know he is an abusing, womanizing asshat, why do they allow Riley to be his apprentice? Um no? Hell no.
6) God I hate love issues. triangle? square? Um, no thanks!
7) Way too many questions, none of them answered, and then more questions piled on. I felt like I was reading Karen Marie Moning. now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some KMM, but this is the first book of the series. I hope it’s not drawn out like the Fever series. I won’t read it. You hear me Ms Oliver? I won’t do it! Just say NO to cliffhangers =) (This is tongue in cheek people, tongue in cheek!)


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  1. Thanks for the review! You asked some questions so I figured I’d answer them as best I could.

    I promise this series will not go on forever. The majority of the plot threads are sorted out by the end of Book #3.

    The high cost of gas ($10/gallon) is somewhat offset by the solar panel Riley has on top of her car. Taking fiends on public transportation is an issue, so the trappers have to have a ride. The bus routes won’t get you everywhere you need to go as the city has cut back on the routes etc. (Sort of like what’s happening in Atlanta right now). So the car is a necessary evil to earn money.

    There will be more explanation as to when the demons came to be in SOUL THIEF (#2). Riley’s attitude toward Beck will change, over time. She’s got some major issues to work out first (along with some growing up to do). There’s a reason Master Harper is still in the position he holds. He’s a total asshat, but even he has lessons to learn. And Beck’s Southern drawl is exactly how I hear him in my mind. Sorry!

    Thanks again for the straight-up review. Hope your new place is everything you were hoping for.

    • HI Jana,
      Wow! Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I honestly don’t remember reading about solar panels on the cars, but that is awesome! I would personally love a solar panel on my Van 😛 I hope you don’t think I was bashing you in any way. As I said, I normally don’t read much Young Adult fiction, I generally tend to like a little more Spice, but this was an enjoyable read, and didn’t make me want to rip my hair out in angsty teenage frustration =) I find myself thinking that I went through High School once, why would I want to torture myself by reading about someone else’s teenage years you know? I look forward to your second novel in the series, to see where you are going with the story Arc.
      Most readers probably wouldn’t have an issue with the written dialect of Beck, I’m just one of those people who it drives crazy. There are a few other series that I absolutely adore that have their own dialect/way of speaking and I find I can get past it, so I would imagine that after a while I wouldn’t notice anymore. Don’t apologize for the way you wrote Beck. It’s your story!
      I’m sure Riley will grow up. I can’t wait to see how she does!
      Anywho, thanks for writing to me! This is a new blog for me. I usually just use Goodreads and Library thing for reviews, but figured I might as well try and keep this one up too.
      The move went well, but the sleepless nights are killing me. 7 years of sleep deprivation has definitely taken it’s toll on my psyche!

  2. No, I didn’t think you were bashing me at all. You asked good questions and that’s why I felt I’d better reply to them. I know how you feel about the overly angsty teen stories. I can handle emo as long as it’s nicely balanced with action. Too much either way and it doesn’t work.

    Riley is a cranky/whiny soul in DTD. She doesn’t improve much in SOUL THIEF, but by Bk #2 gives her some serious life lessons so by Book #3 she’s got a new way of seeing things. Beck has too. I’m just finishing up #3 (no title yet) and it goes to the US editor in early April.

    RE: Sleepless — If I may be so bold: Have you tried some Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea (or Sleepytime Extra)? The Extra has Valerian and chamomile in it. It’s what helps me get a good night’s sleep. I’ve tried other stuff but this seems to work the best (for me at least).

    Thanks for reading and reviewing the book. I sincerely appreciate it!

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