Bayou Moon, by Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews

The Edge Series

Bayou Moon is due out in stores September 28th, 2010

447 pages…woah. A Long book!

4.25/5 Stars this was a great read! I’ll write more Character based Reviews in a week or so 😛

I can’t classify The Edge Series. It isn’t Urban, it isn’t Paranormal. It isn’t Romance.

I could try to classify this book as ‘Swampy Magical Fantasy’, but I doubt there are other books out there that would fit into this new category. I suppose I could agree with Gordon and say it is Rustic Fantasy. I think it suits this particular story anyway.

Ilona and Gordon have written a complex miasma filled with Political Intrigue, Fantastic Magical Creepy Beasts, interesting characters and plots that will leave you scratching your head in wonder and amazement at the creativeness of two humans.

Bayou Moon is a book that is so different from any other book or series I have read or heard about. That makes it special. The Edge Series is dark and scary, gross and bloody.

Some of my favorite things about Bayou Moon:

1) A wicked kick ass chic as a lead named Cerise. The girl can rock the small flashy sword. Cerise longs for love, safety, and freedom.

2) A Bad ass Wolf named William. He will kill you while he smiles. William longs for family, a place to belong, and love.

3) Disgusting and gruesome monsters and villains who have no morals, no dignity and no scuples.

4) Dialogue that is meaningful and sometimes funny.

5) Side characters who have depth and relevance to the story.

6) An absorbing world, and colorful world building.

Things that bothered me

1) Lengthy descriptions of scenery and sometimes too much time on a scene. Such as when they are first schlepping through the Bayou and maneuvering their way to the eventual RatHouse.

2) It felt wordy sometimes.

3) Overall length of the book, it felt daunting at times, and I found myself wanting the story to hurry up.

4) No map of territories. As a reader it was hard to visualize this world on a map. Originally, after reading ‘On the Edge’, the first book in this new series, I thought the Edge was all encompassing. In this story, we are taken to the Mire, which is inside the Edge. I was confused for a while. There was a lot to take in and try to comprehend. You have the Weird, the Edge and the Broken. Then you have the Lousiana People, the Adrianglians, the Hand and the Mirror. I found myself re-reading passages to try and wrap my head around all the different places, people and worlds within the worlds.


Now, having said all that, I would recommend this book to all Fantasy Fans. Urban, Paranormal, Magical etc. It was enjoyable, different, and interesting. I look forward to all other Edge Books.



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