Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf

by Michele Hauf

Her Vampire Husband


It’s Blu Masterson’s Wedding day. The only problem? She’s never met her husband. Her Vampire husband. Blu is a werewolf. Offered up as a sacrificial pawn in order to create peace amongst the Vampire and Wolf nations. Enter Creed St. Pierre.

Creed is an interesting Hero. A Vampire for nearly 1000 years he has seen it all, done it all, and lives a pretty boring life nowadays. In charge of the Nava Clan, his resolve is to stop the blood battles that werewolves force vampires into by starving them for months, then pitting them against each other in a cage, fighting to the death.

Blu is a young, lone female werewolf who lives loud and colorful. Dressed in colorful wigs and attire ranging from Goth to Porn Star, Blu is a strong lead for the story. Despite her outword strength, she harbors an inner pain. Mistreated by her Fathers pack, she distrusts all men on principle.

With an eclectic cast of characters, inlcuding a violet and blue winged fairy named Bree, and a best friend to Creed named Alexandre, the story is interesting.

I found sometimes the writing felt choppy and incomplete sentences drove me crazy.

It wasn’t an overly long book, so the romance and love between Creed and Blu did feel a bit rushed in the “I love you” department, but what can you do? Writers have limited space in which to have their characters fall in love.

I enjoyed Ridge as a character. He alone of the Northern Pack had morals and honor.

A few places the story drags, but overall I did like this book enough to read more by this author.


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