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Total Eclipse, by Rachel Caine

Weather Warden #9

Weather Warden Novel #9, final book in the series.  Could be Minor Spoilers.

3.75/5 Stars, but I’m rounding up, as this book was better than the last few.

We start Total Eclipse aboard the ship leaving the black corner where Jo and David lost their powers. The Dijin are sick and dying, Lewis is sick, and The world is bleak.

Total Eclipse is non-stop action. Like all other Weather Warden novels. The action grips you and forces you to turn the pages as fast as you can. The storyline is much the same as the other books, Jo running into the fray, Lewis Manipulating her into being a Kamikaze Warden, withholding David’s bottle and leaving Jo to fend for herself again

All through this series I have liked Lewis. Wanted Jo to be with Lewis. but the last two books, put Lewis in a different light, and I think he says it best at the end of Total Eclipse. “I wanted to tell you that the best man won. I would have loved her. But you adore her. You make her better, you protect her, and honor her, and that makes me glad, David. Jealous as hell, but glad.” To Jo he says “You were the only women who ever really touched me, but I wouldn’t have been good for you. And now we can leave all that behind.”

I’m glad the series is over. I’m not sure I liked the ending, but it is what it is. The epilogue was nice, a glimpse 8 years into the future after Mother Earth woke up and reeked havoc. But it left me wondering where on earth David was? It seemed he had been gone a while.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the book. I waited to read it, because of Cape storm. I really was so pissed at that book.

Jo seemed more steady in this last installment. Like she grew up and recognized what was happening, and stepped up to the plate. I didn’t always agree with her choices, but she did what she felt she had to do.


The Fever Series, by Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane #1

Darkfever, book #1

3.5/5 Stars

This is the first of a five book series. In this installment we learn about Mackayla (Mac) Lane. A pretty, young, socialite who tends bar and has very little responsibility. Her older sister is murdered while in College in Dublin, and when the case goes unsolved, Mac vows to find the truth and makes her way to Dublin. There she meets Barrons, owner of a bookstore and as enigmatic and secretive as he can be. Mac learns she is really a Sidhe Seer, and her dark journey begins.

The characters take time to develop and change. Mac starts young and unaware. She is clueless. Towards the end she is growing up a bit. In the next installment she grows more etc. etc. The series itself is a romance series, but each book is not considered a romance. There is darkness in the series, and there is light. The world is intriguing. The characters are memorable. The plot is twisty and winding. I like that I haven’t figured out who is good, who is bad, and what will happen. I think Karen really delivers. It took me a bit to get used to the First person POV, but I think Karen does it well


MacKayla Lane #2

Bloodfever #2, 4/5 Stars

Second book of a Five book Series continues Mac’s journey to finding her sisters murderer, and learning about who and what she is. Barrons is as enigmatic as ever, and rarely does Mac get any answers from him about… well… anything. Having shed her Pretty in Pink persona, Mac 2.0 begins her dark trek into Dublin’s night life and her quest to find the Sinsar Dubh. Sexual tension sizzles between Mac and Barrons. Only time will tell what will happen between them







The Fever Series book 3

FaeFever, book 3  4/5 Stars


Third book of a Five Book Series, this was my least favorite. We learn very little. There seemed to be very little Barron’s/Mac interaction in this book, and what interaction there was, was laced with violence. While I root for Mac and Barron’s to have a HEA (Happy ever after) I could not help but be angry at Barron’s treatment of Mac in this book.
Mac is learning that she must not put all her eggs into a Barrons and V’lane basket. She solicits the help of Inspector Jayne after opening his eyes to what is really going on in Dublin.

I want to give this book 5 stars. I do. The writing is fantastic, the author is fantastic, the foreshadowing is bloody brilliant. The characters are awesome. So why you ask do I give this book only 4 stars? I wish I could tell you. It felt incomplete. Which it was. We are left on a huge cliff, and I really hate when authors do that. Patience is not one of my reading virtues and waiting to see if a heroine or hero is OK is not a good way to end a book. It’s downright mean <lol>
especially when the crazy book fan usually has to wait a year for the next installment of a series. It’s torture.

I really enjoyed Mac’s growth in this book and I can’t wait for the next book when she really comes into her own and is a formidable force.

Once again we are left with more questions than answers when it comes to the fever world, but I hope in DreamFever we will be rewarded for our patience with lots of answers and finally some Mac and Barrons ‘action’



MacKayla Lane #4

Dreamfever, book 4  5/5 Stars


Fourth of Five book Series
Well. It was a great read. From start to finish I was on an emotional high. I thought Mac really evolved in this book into a woman, into a formidable force. She was strong, capable and determined. (Once removed from Pri-ya of course)

The book took us immediately into action and never really let up. Hammering info at us every turn, and action on every page. Karen delivers as usual. Her foreshadowing skills are second to none in my opinion.

She {Karen} is a queen at evasion of pertinent and vital info, but seems to give you just enough to make you not want to scream your frustrations to the heavens.

The story twists and turns, and the ending is far from what I ever expected and was far from where I ever expected Mac to be. It felt like it came out of left field.

Once again we are left with an impossible amount of questions, no real hard answers to questions we long to know, and are literally on a cliff until ShadowFever is written, printed and delivered.

Have I mentioned I hate cliff hanger endings? I really don’t see a point. I am going to read the next book no matter what… Why not end on a somewhat good note

Book 5, The Fever Series

The Fever Series book 5, Final Book

Shadowfever, The final book  due out January 18th, 2011.  I cannot WAIT!!

15 hours of reading, stopping only to take care of the bare essentials for my 4 kids… Does that make me a bad mom, or Karen an awesome author? Well, for me, it was satisfying to read ShadowFever. My head hurts from all the twists and turns and suspense and wonderment. I finished last night around 11pm, then hit the sack.

Master of Red’s Ms. Karen Marie Moning, this one’s for you!

I’m completely amazed at the brilliance of foreshadowing and red-herring’s that Karen writes.

Without spoiling anything, it was nice to see that my speculations back in 2008 were mostly right and boy I Bet VP is pissed!!

I will probably post some spoilers in a few days. I have to get it out!







The Hunger Games Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games Trilogy 1

 #1  4 Stars

I thought this book was well written, the characters were engrossing, the Hunger Games were nightmarish, and overall I enjoyed the book. Having never read some of the books that others say this book has features from, none of that bothers me, because well, I’m sure Suzanne put her own spin and ideas and humor into her story. Every story get’s a spark from somewhere right? 😛

I would recommend this series to others.
I will read the next book

The Hunger Games 2

#2  4 Stars

This was a fast, heart pounding read.

A little bit predictable with the games aspect and the participants, but the twists were good 🙂

The love triangle is good. I like both guys and honestly can’t choose one. Tho, I feel Gale is her heart. Peeta is so honorable and good.

I liked all the new characters, even the ‘bad’ ones 🙂

The revolution has begun. Can’t wait to read the next book.

The Hunger Games 3


I’m waffling on a rating. For now 3.5/5 stars because I’m mad. But that could change tomorrow! LOL
well… dam. I’m feeling a bit, I don’t know? disheveled? Distraught? Discomfuckingbobulated? I’m mad, I know that much. I do have to give kudos to Collins though. She didn’t pull any punches. If you were hoping for delicious Coffee light and sweet, all your gonna get is dark, black and bitter. I saw the climax coming with Coin, but there were more than a few surprises. The deaths. At one point in the books, when they are being chased by white half human half reptile mutts, and a character who just had a HEA get’s killed, I almost, almost stopped reading. And OMG I cried (I think around page 350) when she realized who was tending to the children when the parachutes were coming. God that death was awful. I didn’t find it necessary myself, but I get what Collins was setting up. I also found myself pissed at Katniss. I tried not to be, but the way she was treating both Gale and Peeta? If I were them, I would have left her to her own devices. And Gale. Don’t get me started on you. Seriously. THAT is how it ends? Bleh. I expected better from you Gale. It was such a depressing story. Even the ending wasn’t that great on the happy meter. But how could it? Both scarred, mentally deficient,Broken and forever changed. How could they ever have a normal, loving, happy life?
Congrats Suzanne Collins, on a thought-provoking read. It was Bloody. It was disgusting. It was brilliantly done.

One thing I did have an issue writing wise was the first person present tense. It was odd reading it. Felt wrong somehow.


OK after sleeping on it, apparently my sub-conscience agreed with me on the ending.


I cannot understand the ending. EVERYONE left her alone for MONTHS??? <Shriek!> Why!! My God hadn’t she been through enough? Gale you were her best friend, yet you didn’t make sure she was OK? Didn’t help her through her loss of Prim? I think I hated you at that moment.

Peeta. I get you. Why you couldn’t go with her, see to her, help her. Still, I was heartbroken.

And Her Mother? WTF. I get her pain. You lost a daughter. But you want to lose both?

I think we deserved a bit more closure. With Gale. With her Mother. Do they talk? Have they talked? Does Gale and Katniss see each other ever? Did Gale finish his almost evil transformation? What is the world like? Did anything change?

a page and a half epilogue did not suffice. yay. They wrote a book, and had 2 or three kids in 20 years. So what happened to everyone else?

Not enough of an ending for me

Fire, by Kristin Cashore

The Seven Kingdoms #2

4/5 Stars

I really, really enjoy Cashore’s writing style. I love how she describes places and things and people, I love how she let’s you use your imagination to paint the details. I think that is important when writing.
I enjoyed Fire. I was engrossed from the very beginning. It was interesting to see the beginning of Leck/Immiker, even as a small child he was rotten to the core.
I was sort of bugged at the initial casualness of a sexual relationship at fifteen years old, and while I don’t condone it, I understand the why of it in this book. I really liked and hated Archer, I loved him and hated his gigolo self. It seemed he tried to drown his sadness in sex and it really pissed me off. I very much liked Brigain and Nash {tho of course, not at first when he {Brigain} was cold and mean}. I actually enjoyed just about every character in the book right down to the bad ones like Mydrogg and his sister. I didn’t ‘like’ them, but I liked Cashore’s writing of them.
I enjoyed the varying plot twists.

I can’t wait for Cashore’s next book.

Graceling, by Kristin Cashore

The Seven Kingdoms #1

I will try not to give spoilers, really about 3.5 to 3.75 stars
Spoiler at the end only

I both liked this book and didn’t like this book. The writing was promising. Kristin Cashore’s style was graceful, fluid, without excess descriptions, and I associated with most of the characters.

I enjoyed the world that she created. I very much liked the concept of Gracelings, the seven kingdoms, the Villain, the Gracelings eye colors and skills.

The pace of the story was pretty good, I felt the climax was all the sudden just *there* and then *BAM* gone and then your off again running towards the next phase of the story. It felt rushed and I wish there had been more time for explanations, it was very hurried.

I had a hard time with her views on kids and marriage. Now I understand that she is young, although we do not know her exact age, I suspect she is in her late teens based on other age descriptions for Raffin and Giddon, and yes when I was a teenager I couldn’t fathom having a husband and children. SO while I understand that, I didn’t appreciate how Po and Katsa enter into a sexual relationship with seemingly NO other physical touching/love between them. While Katsa does realize that she loves Po, and Po loves her, they seem to miss the whole ‘dating’ concept of a relationship where there is kissing, hand holding, other soft touches and just hop in the sack together. Then, after they decide to be sexual, she takes seabane. Now while not ideal, It is hard for me to judge because we do not know what year/century/modern knowledge there is for birth control in this book. Perhaps that is the only thing available in her time. I do not know.

I will encourage people to read this book, even if you do not agree with the sexual message, it could open up communication between you and your teens reading this book.

I did not like how it ended. Period. I really wanted Po and Katsa to remain together, even if they did not get married right away. I was actually pretty mad that Po just let her walk away and that Katsa felt the need to train an army rather than stay with the person she supposedly loves.

The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss

The Kingkiller Chronicles #1

5/5 Stars!!

I cannot believe that this book is a debut from Patrick Rothfuss. I don’t normally read pure fantasy, I generally like a little more romance, a little more fantastical beasts (Vampires, Were’s, Paranormal) but something about this book drew me in before I even read it. I found the description here at Goodreads and was intrigued, so I went out and bought it.
I am not sure where to even start. I was definitely impressed with the quality of writing. I was most definitely impressed with the world that Patrick created.
It was a fantasy novel, that didn’t feel like fantasy. The characters were so well realized, the magic so well rooted and described, the action was terrific, the sorrow was real. The pace was excellent.
You feel everything Kvothe feels, see everything he sees, are there right along with him on his many journeys, triumphs, challenges and horrors.
You learn along side him, weep along with him and cheer with the Eloidin Crowd for him.
The journey is dark, but the story is heroic.
I look forward to the second installment,  The Wise Man’s Fear, due out in stores March 1, 2011

Kingkiller Chronicles #2

The much anticipated Sequel is due out in March of 2011.  Patrick, I read your blog often, and I think you are funny, and a gifted writer.  That being said, I really hope it comes out in March =)  I’ll be rip roarin’ mad if the date changes again.

Naked Edge, by Pamela Clare

I-Team Novel #4

4.5/5  I-Team Novel #4
What a great and riveting book. It felt authentic, Pamela Clare really did her research on Navajo and Indian Culture (I think!) Kat was a strong, virtuous, fierce, survivalist heroine. Gabe is a Hardened, adrenaline junkie who doesn’t believe in love, just sex. I thought the book was well written, interesting, and gut wrenching especially towards the end. I cried. The plot wasn’t all that complicated, but the whole book was interesting. So that made up for the lack of twists and turns… sometimes I don’t want a bazillion twists 😛

The epilogue was great, and I just want to commend P.Clare on her continued writing of breastfeeding, home-births, midwives and natural childbirth. It is a pleasure to read

Unlawful Contact, by Pamela Clare

I-Team Novel #3

4 Stars!!I-Team Novel #3

This book was great. Pamela Clare is an extremely talented author. Her writing is concise, eloquent, and easy to read. Her characterization is fantastic. I found myself rooting for a convicted felon to actually not get caught when he escapes prison. I mean, not many authors could pull it off, but Clare does.
After the opening (which was so super sweet) to 12 years later and I found myself thinking “My god hunt, what the hell happened to you!” His is not a happy history. I felt for him despite being angry with him for his choices. I liked Sophie for the most part. There is some steamy sex in this book… I would have liked to see more happen to the Rawlings, I can only hope they got theirs…
You can tell the author was a journalist, and this is still a passion for her.

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