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Lover Mine, by J.R Ward

Lover Mine

Thank you Scribe Virgin this was better than Rhev’s book. I really, rather enjoyed this whole book, aside from the weird, creepy, not necessary Ghost section… with the small tie in of Murhder. I found I really loved Xhex and John Matthew. While the ever-changing POV’s (points of view) and storylines were a little frustrating, for the most part, they did add to the overall storyline and plot.
Quinn and Blay’s storyline was pretty well done. Even if I think Quinn is a pansy ass coward. Who cares what the Glymera thinks Quinn? I mean really? You? 

I didn’t really love Saxton, but I was happy for Blay.

Cool to see Payne and V 🙂  touching moment for sure. I do wonder if there will be any fallout between V and the Scribe Virgin Momma. 
Doc Jane wasn’t irritating in this book.  Although I still think that Butch and V should be together apparently Xhex also picked up on the Butch and V Vibes :grins:

Overall, I was happy that Ward did better with this book.   Rhev’s book just about made me want to quit the series.

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