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Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

Stacia Kane

UnHoly Ghosts

 This was an interesting debut book for her new series. I really thought the world and concept were original and interesting. I find I was intrigued by Chess aka Cesaria Putnam. This book had a lot going for it, but I was really bugged with all the drug use. It was extreme, and hard to read and hard for me to figure out how on earth Chess could function while she is snorting lines, popping uppers, downers, speed, and hitting the pipes. I understand that she is a flawed character, but it was too much.

I could understand a casual usage, in the world of the book, but her usage far surpassed addiction. I also feel like she didn’t grow at all. It doesn’t seem as if she feels there is a problem with her drug use. I wonder if this is going to be a steady theme in the books to follow, or will chess eventually deal with her emotional trauma and grow up and get clean?

The men in her life, Aside from their weird names, which I always find terribly funny (har de har har) were named Terrible and Lex. I liked Terrible. I find I kinda liked Lex. But it felt like there was some sex thrown in for good reading measure. It didn’t feel necessary to the story. I also felt bad for terrible and how she treated and acted to him while she was so far gone on drugs.

Overall, I find myself intrigued with the world, but feeling rather unsettled by the amount of drug use. I’m not sure if I would buy the future books, but if they were free I would read them. We’ll see when they come out. I’m all for flaws and growth when it comes to characters. 

Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 Stars


MAGIC BLEEDS… By Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews

Magic Bleeds

I was a lucky Reader and won an ARC of Magic Bleeds, which is Kate Daniels series book 4, which comes out May 25, 2010

For over a month I have been writing and re-writing my review of Magic bleeds in my head. Last night as I was trying to sleep, I had the perfect review written, it was unfolding beautifully, words dancing around in my head with little effort. I should have gotten up to write it then, instead of waiting until it disappeared… Pregnancy insomnia at its finest, leaving you unable to sleep, but also, reluctant to physically get out of bed.

Magic Bleeds is essentially the turning point, the pivotal book in the Kate Daniels Series. It’s a will they or won’t they book. {Speaking of Kate and Curran of course}

Ilona and Gordon crafted a well written, strong plot, with a very prominent relationship storyline. The Villain of Magic Bleeds was a welcome surprise. I never guessed, nor could figure out who the bad villain was until I was told, and then I was all like “WOAH! Totally AWESOME!!!” I love when an author can surprise me. Too many times lately a book or series is very predictable, and it is so refreshing to have authors who just GET IT. They get how to write a crafty plot without giving us who it is, they put out little red herrings, and then bash you over the head with the real deal. It’s fun, exciting, and appealing to the reader.

Let’s talk about Kate for a minute. Kate is one of my favorite heroines of all the book series I have read to date, and that is quite a few, especially in this genre of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Fantasy/Romance. Kate is fierce. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, despite her fathers warning to remain closed off and to become a sociopath. She is fiercely independent, although she longs for companionship and love. She is fiercely private, to a fault; where she can’t trust anyone with her secrets, her heart, or her life. She is a master with her saber, will kick your ass if you threaten her or what she considers hers. She is all the things a quality leading lady should be, despite her ‘not being a lady’ Her mouth get’s her into trouble, and she often takes the approach of kill now, ask questions later. She has earned the right to claim that she is a walking, talking, bad ass, but she won’t. She knows she is, but she’s not egocentric which is nice to read. She does what she feels she has to do. To protect. Protect herself, protect her friends, and protect humanity.

One of the themes I found most prevalent in Magic Bleeds is love. Despite Kate feeling like she will never have the kind of love she desperately wants, she can’t help but be hurt at Curran’s no-show for their dinner. As she tries to put him out of her mind and move forward, he is constantly creeping into her thoughts, intruding in her life. He invades her privacy. She grieves for the man she wants, and feels she will never have. At the same time she is royally pissed off and humiliated and she does not know how to deal with these emotions. She’s quite volatile. I wanted to give her a hug, but didn’t want to get my eye jabbed by her sword.

When Kate and Curran first see each other, it’s, well, it’s hard to read, and awkward and you can feel the energy leaping off the page. The way Kate handles it is classic, and sort of funny, but not in a good way funny. But funny nonetheless because of who Kate is and how her mouth works. You know the expression… Insert foot? Well, Kate obviously doesn’t 🙂

Fans of the series will be engrossed, enraged, and enthralled with the Kate and Curran storyline. Have faith that Ilona and Gordon know what they are about. They do. And they do it brilliantly.

The battle scenes are great. The plot is interesting without being crazy. The death toll rises. Kate does indeed lose much in this book.

The end pages are killer. The last 50 pages or so are gut wrenching, jarring, sad, and finally bow down at Ilona and Gordon’s feet and proclaim them your masters 🙂 I jest, but seriously, the ending is fantastic. Just the right amount of everything. Grief, Pain, Hope, Love, and Future.

The book is amazing. I can’t wait for Kate Daniels 5.

I have no negatives with regards to this book. The pace is on par with all the other books, the writing is superb, the angst is real, the battles are bloody, hope is alive.

On the Bad-Ass scale I give Magic Bleeds a huge 5/5 stars

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